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Child Care Spaces Created in Nipissing

NORTH BAY – A new report from the Ministry of Education shows that 192 licensed child care spaces were created […]

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Ontario Supports Festivals and Events in Nipissing

NORTH BAY – Ontario’s government for the people is working to create jobs and boost local tourism by investing in […]

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Ontario Budget Date Announced

The Ontario budget will be delivered April 11, Vic Fedeli announced Thursday. That document will include the government’s plan to balance the books, he said.

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Education Consultation Now Open

The largest education consultation in Ontario’s history is now open. This includes Open Submissions, an Online Survey and Telephone Town […]

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Another provincial boost in funding for the North Bay Regional Health Centre

Nipissing MPP and Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli announced another $1.95 million in provincial funding that will allow the hospital […]

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Local businesses turn to Minister to cut red tape

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli welcomed Jim Wilson, Minister of Economic Development, Small Business and Trade, who held a “red tape reduction” roundtable discussion in North Bay Thursday to get a northern perspective from the local business community.

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Fedeli says $1M inquiry and audit is needed to restore public trust in the province

Fedeli promises the Commission of Inquiry will identify Ontario’s real debt, settling the discrepancies between the previous government’s numbers and the numbers of the province’s auditor general.

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Fedeli Named to Cabinet

Vic Fedeli is now Minister of Finance in Doug Ford’s 21-member cabinet.

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Fedeli Hits the Ground Running

Vic Fedeli isn’t wasting any time in getting back to work following his re-election in Nipissing.

The incumbent, who was returned to office following Thursday’s provincial vote, has since been meeting face-to-face or speaking by phone with area mayors and others stakeholders, including film industry representatives and the Ontario Northland’s top executive.

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Beds must stay in Trout Creek – Fedeli

Any long-term nursing home beds lost at Lady Isabelle Nursing Home in Trout Creek must come back to Trout Creek, […]

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