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Threats to pull out could impact North Bay

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli is concerned the possible work stoppage in the Ring of Fire could impact North Bay mining supply businesses.

Fedeli’s fears came after the Financial Post reported Noront Resources Ltd. warned the Ontario government and First Nations communities that it will stop work unless it can show some progress to its investors.

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Paying more to turn on your lights

Ontario families are now paying more to turn on their lights.

As of Nov. 1 hydro rates increased by about 3%. It’s the second consecutive increase since May.

And there’s more coming.

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Cost of home-ownership dream to rise

TIMMINS – The dream of buying and owning a home in Ontario may be about to get drastically more expensive — and for many, may simply become unaffordable.

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is getting closer to amending the Municipal Act to authorize all municipalities to charge a Municipal Land Transfer Tax.

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Hydro One sale a bad deal – watchdog

TORONTO — Ontario’s new budget watchdog warns the Liberals’ plan to sell Hydro One, the giant transmission utility that turns over $750 million a year to the government, will have a negative impact on the province’s finances.

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Ontario’s Credit downgrade concerns Fedeli

“Monday’s downgrade acknowledges that Ontario’s deficit has grown from $9.2 billion to $10.5 billion to $10.9 billion under Kathleeen Wynne, and that Ontario does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.”

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