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Gov’t applying Hydro One sale to deficit, critics say

TORONTO – The Ontario government is pulling a fiscal fast one by redirecting Hydro One proceeds to its own bottom line rather than buying new transit and roads, critics say.

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Student response to university settlement

The Nipissing University Student Union is happy with the tentative deal. Meanwhile, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, in a news release […]

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Labour unrest rally cries heard throughout North Bay

There were loud shouts on Main Street in front of MPP Vic Fedeli’s office Friday morning at the Solidarity Rally, broadcast to be heard at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

“Fair people, fair say!” and “We want contracts!” and “Save North Bay!” echoed down the block

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Rally calls for government action

About 200 workers chanted and waved placards and flags outside Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli’s constituency office early Friday calling for an end to labour unrest and hospital cuts in North Bay.

Striking Nipissing University professors, locked-out Ontario Northland Transportation Commission workers and beleaguered North Bay Regional Health Centre staff joined with members of the North Bay and District Labour Council in demanding that the provincial government take action to quell the employment upheaval and to put an end the hospital cutbacks.

“We want a North Bay that’s vibrant,” said Labour Council President Henri Giroux, calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to intervene in the ongoing labour disputes at the university and ONTC and to reverse bed closures and job cuts at the local hospital. “It’s all a community fight.”

Fedeli told the crowd of workers, which spilled out onto Main Street in front his office, that he’s fighting for them everyday at Queen’s Park.

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MPP tells Wynne to step in to resolve local labour chaos

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli told Premier Wynne today, “There is a sense of chaos and uncertainty in my riding due to job cuts and two work stoppages at major provincial employers”.

He delivered a letter to Wynne asking her to take a personal role in resolving two ongoing provincial labour disruptions in the riding.

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Layoffs, labour unrest imperil local economy

The North Bay economy is taking a beating with three of its major employers now wrestling with labour disputes or layoffs.

The latest blow came Wednesday with news that 195 employees at Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) have been locked out following failed contract negotiations.

That, on the heels of striking faculty at Nipissing University and layoffs at the North Bay Regional Health Centre, could spell trouble for local businesses dependant on the spending of the three organizations and their affected workers…

“It’s very disruptive for the community,” said Fedeli, of the layoffs and labour disputes.

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Fedeli enraged with Premier’s Chromite Tax initiative for Ring of Fire

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli presented evidence in the Ontario Legislature today that the Wynne Liberal government is considering a chromite tax.

“I ask the minister, did the Liberal government ever propose a chromite royalty? Is that why Cliffs left Ontario?” Fedeli asked during Question Period.

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Liberals killing $60M project – NDP

Northern Development Minister Michael Gravelle came under fire in the provincial legislature Thursday for inaction at the Ring of Fire, with the NDP charging that the Liberals are on track to kill a $60-billion mining project.

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Tories say Cliffs quit Ring of Fire because of planned Ontario tax on chromite

TORONTO – Ontario’s Opposition says a Liberal government plan to tax the mineral chromite prompted Cliffs Natural Resources to pull out of the Ring of Fire mining project in the province’s north.

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MPP’s financial fears confirmed

Ontario’s budget watchdog warns there is a “significant risk” that the Liberal government will not balance the province’s books by 2017-18 as promised.

Financial accountability officer Stephen LeClair says there’s been a slowdown in the economy since the 2015 provincial budget projected growth of 4.3 per cent in each of the next three years.

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