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A closer look at Ontario’s taxing budget

You can tax all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot tax all the people all the time…Vic Fedeli is a master number-cruncher. More importantly, he’s able to sift through the budget gobbledygook.

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LCBO plans to sell stores

Vic Fedeli revealed the details of an LCBO Request for Proposal during Question Period Monday as he quizzed Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

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Fiscal Watchdog Warns of Future Deficits in Ontario

One week after Finance Minister Charles Sousa tabled his 2016-17 budget, which forecast the deficit being eliminated in 2017-18, the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) predicted red ink could soon flow again.

MPP Vic Fedeli (Nipissing) noted “last week’s budget confirmed the government is using one-time revenues and contingency funds to make the deficit appear smaller.”

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Virtually Every Ontario Fee Will Rise With Inflation

The elimination of the $30 Drive Clean fee grabbed the headlines from Thursday’s Ontario budget, but the fiscal plan also contained increases in virtually every other government service fee, including vehicle registration.

But Vic Fedeli said the government is desperate for cash, and is making life more expensive for almost everyone by planning to increase service fees every year.

“When you’re into that, you’re really down into the couch digging for nickels and dimes,” Fedeli said Friday.

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Ontario’s reduced deficit hinges on economic uncertainties

Ontario has driven down its deficit to $4.3-billion, but the fiscal good news hinges on economic circumstances beyond the province’s control, extra financial help from the federal government and a one-time cash injection from privatizing Hydro One.

Vic Fedeli argued that this is a false paradise. Once the sale of Hydro One is finished, or if global economic circumstances change, Ontario could find itself with a growing deficit, he said.

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Living in Ontario just got a lot harder, says MPP

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli isn’t happy with Premier Wynne’s new budget, saying not only was northern Ontario ignored, new taxes on […]

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Clinic takes big bite out of doctor shortage

A new medical clinic in North Bay has the potential of wiping out the city’s doctor shortage. The Northern Shores […]

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Opposition rips early budget

Ontarians may not get an early spring — thanks Wiarton Willie — but they will get an early provincial budget. […]

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Upcoming provincial budget the focus as MPPs head back to Queen’s Park

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli is back at Queens Park for the next session at the provincial legislature. He says most of the attention will be on the provincial budget…

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Pharmacists join fight against Fentanyl abuse

While crystal methamphetamine seems to be wreaking the most havoc on addicts in London, abuse of Fentanyl is an ongoing issue, and one garnering headlines across the country after a rash of overdose deaths out West.

Launched in North Bay, then made into a private member’s bill by MPP Vic Fedeli, patch-for-patch started rolling out in London last fall. Pharmacies in Strathroy and St. Thomas have been on board for nearly a year, and since last fall, auxiliary police have been visiting London pharmacies to educate staff on the program.

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