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Over $900,000 to Support Alternate Level of Care Programs

November 15, 2023

NORTH BAY – To further support Ontario’s innovative models of care, MPP Fedeli announced the Ontario government is providing $915,000 in one-time funding to three area facilities to support the Alternative Level of Care (ALC) and Patient Flow Initiatives for the 2023-24 year. This funding will be used to reduce ALC cases and support patient flow from hospital to more appropriate settings.

“Through our government’s Plan to Stay Open: Health System and Recovery, we are investing in a resilient health care system which will provide the right care at the right time for our older adults in Nipissing,” said MPP Vic Fedeli.

The following organizations are receiving funding to support admission diversion:

  • $655,000 for Cassellholme’s Supports to Home
  • $130,000 for the Mattawa Hospital’s Geriatric Emergency Management Nurse
  • $130,000 for West Nipissing General Hospital’s Geriatric Emergency Management Nurse

“This funding will provide support to some of our most vulnerable older adults living within the Nipissing region. We thank the Ontario government for this funding and look forward to the opportunity to continue to provide necessary support to older adults so that they are able to remain at home in their communities.” – Wendy Smith, Executive Lead, Nipissing Wellness.   

“The Mattawa Hospital is extremely grateful to hear that the Alternative Level Care funding is being allocated to our site again this year.  Since the launch of our Geriatric Emergency Management nurse in January 2023, we have serviced over 100 seniors and their family members in our community and helped decrease the number of admissions and length of stay. This program helps to build capacity by working with community partners, sharing knowledge and skills and acting as a resource person for those in need.” – Tanya Bélanger, President & CEO, Mattawa Hospital.

“We appreciate the GEM funding. With our GEM’s expertise, we can make a difference in helping Seniors get the care they need and safely return home, where they want to be.” – Sue LeBeau, President and CEO of the West Nipissing General Hospital.

These initiatives were launched in 2022-23 to support health system and recovery, with current projections show a reduction of approximately 2200 ALC cases in the province by the end of this fiscal year.

Funding will be distributed across the province in the following themes:

  • Capacity Maximization ($4.4M)
    Leverage existing long-term care home capacity to transition long-stay beds in underutilized homes to short-stay, rehab, or convalescent beds.
  • Admission Diversion ($24M)
    Increase home and community supports by leveraging Community Support Services (e.g., Adult Day Programs).
  • Discharge Supports ($38.8M)
    Implement “Hospital at Home” programs and Behavioural Supports by providing the resources and assistance needed to support people as they transition safely from hospital to home with the support they require.
  • Local Strategies ($64.2M)
    Work with local communities to create appropriate strategies, such as additional Alternative Health Facilities and Transitional Care Units (e.g., programs operated by hospitals within retirement homes).


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