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$19K for Les Compagnons des francs loisirs

March 29, 2022

NORTH BAY – Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing announced that the Ontario government is providing Les Compagnons des francs loisirs with a $19,000 grant for the 2021-22 year through the Ontario Art Council’s Artist-Presenter Collaboration Projects stream.

“We believe that artists and arts organizations like Les Compagnons enrich the lives of people in our area while playing an important role in building a strong and prosperous Ontario economy,” said Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing.

“Les Compagnons des francs loisirs sont heureux d’avoir accés, cette année encore, à une subvention du Conseil des Arts de l’Ontario. Grâce à celle-ci, nous serons en mesure à l’année 2022-2023 de diversifier notre offre culturelle et ouvrir la communauté francophone et francophile de North Bay et des environs à la richesse du théâtre. Cette subvention sera également l’occasion d’appuyer nos artistes locaux et inspirer les futures générations à un art millénaire.” – Arnaud Claude, Direction Générale du Les Compagnons des francs loisirs

“The Compagnons des francs loisirs are pleased to have access, once again, to a grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Thanks to it, we will be able to diversify our 2022-2023 cultural offer and open the Francophone and Francophile community of North Bay and surrounding areas to the richness of theater. This grant will also be an opportunity to support our local artists and inspire future generations to an ancient art.” – Arnaud Claude, Executive Director of Les Compagnons des francs loisirs.

This temporary program supports relationship building between artists and presenters during the suspension of OAC’s Touring and Market Development program deadlines. It supports the development of mutually beneficial, long-term relationships and networks between presenters, Ontario-based professional artists and arts organizations in all artistic disciplines funded by OAC.

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