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Ontario Local Food Report Celebrates Local Food Champion in Nipissing

June 5, 2019

NORTH BAY – Today, Ontario released its 2018-2019 Local Food Report, which celebrates hard-working local food champions who are helping grow our local food economy, create jobs and strengthen Ontario’s agri-food industry, including a local North Bay success story.

Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing, congratulated the North Bay Farmers’ Market for using MyPick® certification to build food literacy with market shoppers.

The North Bay Farmers’ Market mission goes beyond just selling food to people. It’s mission is to create reliable access to fresh and healthy food that supports wellness and agricultural education. Since the market opened in 2001, it has grown into one of the busiest markets in northern Ontario, averaging 100 vendors per year and expanding to serve as both a summer and winter market.

“Our 100km and MyPick® policies have helped to grow our market into the truly local destination that it is today. We are proud that the North Bay Farmers’ Market has developed a strong relationship with the community and helped to strengthen the grassroots agriculture industry in Northern Ontario,” said Wayne Chalmers, Spring Hill Farms, Vendor and Vice Chair at North Bay Farmers’ Market.

“Each day offers an opportunity to appreciate the hard work of Nipissing’s farmers, so it’s great see the North Bay Farmers’ Market take advantage of the abundance our local farmers and growers have to offer”, said MPP Vic Fedeli. “From fresh fruit and vegetables to beef, eggs, dairy, and so much more, let’s celebrate the farmers in our community who grow and harvest the food we enjoy.”

The report demonstrates the government’s commitment to growing Ontario’s local food industry. By reducing red tape and equipping local food businesses with strong business tools, we can grow Ontario’s agri-food sector and help grow our economy. North Bay Farmers’ Market is one of the many faces of our local food industry who are investing, growing and celebrating local food in Ontario.

“Local food is the heart of Ontario’s agri-food industry. Over the past year, our government, working with stakeholders, the Broader Public Sector and local food businesses across the province has reached many milestones in strengthening our local food economy.” said Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

“When we know where our food comes from and support those who grow, harvest and make it, we strengthen our communities, support a sustainable environment, create jobs and boost the economy,” said Minister Hardeman.


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