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Ontario Asking Partners to Find Four Cents on The Dollar & Protect Frontline Services

May 24, 2019

NORTH BAY The Ontario government is offering to help the District of Nipissing Social Services Board and other partners to protect core public services for future generations by finding savings of four cents on every dollar spent.

“Our government was elected to fix 15 years of Liberal mismanagement, put the province on a path to balance and protect services like health care and education,” said Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario. “The previous government was spending $40 million more every day, than they were taking in. We campaigned on finding four cents for every provincial dollar spent and we are asking our partners to do the same.”

In Ontario, over 90 per cent of provincial spending goes towards funding school boards, hospitals, municipalities and other outside organizations. The government is offering to help empower organizations like the DNSSAB to work towards the shared goal of returning the province to fiscal balance while making sure vital programs and services are maintained.  In March, the government announced Nipissing municipalities would share in $200 million in municipal modernization funding.

“We share DNSSAB’s goal of protecting what matters most to the people of Nipissing,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “We can help them find four cents on the dollar in savings to make sure we can provide sustainable public services for our children and grandchildren.”

Fedeli and DNSSAB chair Mark King spoke today at the new Indigenous Early Years hub in North Bay.  Fedeli also highlighted the government’s plans to provide $2 billion in help for families through the new CARE child care tax credit, and to spend $1 billion to develop 30,000 child care spaces across the province.

In the 2019 Ontario Budget, Protecting What Matters Most, the government put forward a plan that sets Ontario on the right path to achieve savings of four cents on the dollar, building on work done to realize four cents on the dollar in cost avoidance. The government’s plan also saw an increase in funding for health care and postsecondary education, supporting municipal transformation efforts, while moving forward on reducing the province’s debt burden.

“Our partners have the tools they need to find real savings and protect what matters most to the people of Ontario,” said Fedeli. “Our government is ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and work with anyone who shares our priority of returning Ontario to fiscal health.”


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