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Ontario Invests in Hats For Hides Program

May 14, 2019

NORTH BAY – The Ontario Government is working for the people by making it easier for hunters to be responsible stewards of our natural resources.

The province is investing $100,000 in a made-in-Ontario business that encourages responsible harvesting and contributes to the province’s hunting industry.

The Hats for Hides program, operated by BRT Provisioners, supports good hunting practices by collecting hides from hunters in exchange for a hat or a crest, ensuring resources are not wasted and can be sold as goods.

“Our government supports Ontario’s hunters and recognizes that they are good stewards of our resources,” said Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli. “We want to work with hunters to ensure no part of their harvest is wasted while supporting a local business and local jobs. Hats for Hides supports thousands of hunters across Ontario, by making life easier and reducing waste. The program gives a positive alternative to casting off unwanted hides.”

Hides collected support Indigenous artisans and local jobs producing locally sourced products made and sold in Ontario. The government is pleased to show support for small businesses like BRT Provisioners and is working hard to make life easier for hunters.

“Our government recognizes the importance of Ontario’s hunting industry and is committed to making things better for hunters,” said Fedeli. “We have frozen hunting licence fees and we’re currently reviewing how moose are managed in Ontario to make hunting fairer, and more accessible for hunters. The Hats for Hides program is one more way we are supporting hunters and ensuring a sustainable hunting industry for years to come.”


Quick Facts:

  • Hunting contributes over $431 million to Ontario’s economy annually.
  • Freezing fishing and hunting licences and removing the service fee will keep approximately $4.3 million in the pockets of hard-working hunters and anglers.
  • Ontario invested $1.1 million in the Ontario Fur Managers Federation to support the trapping education program and licence services for Ontario’s trappers and trapping instructors.


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