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Ontario Adding Mental Health and Addictions Services

May 7, 2019

NORTH BAY  — Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli today announced an additional investment of nearly $465,000 this year to support people, families and caregivers in Nipissing living with mental health and addictions challenges.

Ontario’s mental health care system is disconnected, making it difficult for patients and families to get the care and services they need.  In response, Ontario’s Government for the People is protecting what matters most and adding desperately needed mental health and addictions services on the ground, in schools, communities and health centres across the province.

Investments in Nipissing include:


  • North Bay Regional Health Centre
    • $ 170,860 for Opioids Addictions Treatment and Services


  • Nipissing Mental Health Housing Support Services
    • $ 120,000 for Mental Health and Justice – Mobile Crisis Teams


  • People for Equal Partnership
    • $ 102,500 for Peer support services


  • North Bay Recovery Home
    • $ 52,000 for Community Addictions Services


  • Canadian Mental Health Association, Nipissing Branch
    • $ 13,704 for Funding Increase for the Rent Supplement Supportive Housing Program


  • Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services
    • $ 5,903 for Funding Increase for the Rent Supplement Supportive Housing Program

This is part of the additional $174 million in funding to address the critical gaps in Ontario’s system and to support patients and families living with mental health and addictions challenges. To ensure mental health and addiction service providers have stable, long-term funding, the government will be making this additional funding available every year.

Included in the overall investment is nearly $30 million for child and youth mental health services and programs across Ontario, as well as more than $27 million to fund mental health supports in Ontario’s education system, which will directly benefit schools, teachers and, most importantly, students and their parents.

“Our government is keeping our promise to make mental health and addictions a priority,” said Fedeli.  “This additional funding will go directly towards services for patients and families and help reduce wait times, enhance opioids and addictions services, create additional housing, build capacity in child and youth mental health, support our men and women in uniform and add services for seniors, Francophones and Ontario’s Indigenous people.”

“These investments are part of our government’s commitment to invest $3.8 billion over the next 10 years to develop and implement a comprehensive and connected mental health and addictions strategy,” Fedeli added.  “Together, we will create a connected system of care with comprehensive wrap-around services to ensure that every Ontarian is fully supported in their journey toward mental wellness.”

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