Fedeli Calls For Splitting of Omnibus Finance Bill

November 22, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – The Wynne Government is yet again shutting down debate on important public policy matters that deserve to be considered on their own merit by ramming through a number of unrelated issues into a single massive omnibus bill.

The Official Opposition is demanding the government separate the non-finance related aspects of Bill 177, the fall financial legislation.

In an open letter, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli criticized the government for trying to rush through unrelated issues without proper consideration and debate.

“This is the same cynical approach the government has taken with Bill 174 dealing with cannabis sales, where unrelated legislation affecting e-cigarettes and school bus cameras was inexplicably attached to the cannabis-specific schedules of the bill,” wrote Fedeli.

Fedeli noted there are many schedules of the bill the Official Opposition supports, including those implementing safety recommendations from the Elliot Lake mall collapse inquiry, and Schedule 43, which would establish a Francophone university – something Leader Patrick Brown has led the charge on.

“We are requesting that the aforementioned schedules of Bill 177, as well as other non-Fall Economic Statement schedules, be removed and introduced in the Legislature as separate pieces of legislation.  They deserve to be considered on their own merit.  We will further push for amendments where necessary to the finance-specific schedules of the bill to try to improve the legislation,” Fedeli wrote.

“We cannot support the financial direction of a government who has allowed debt to spiral out of control beyond $300 billion.”

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