Fedeli Backs North Bay on Health Integration Concerns

November 22, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK — Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli delivered a Members’ Statement in the Ontario Legislature today in support of a North Bay City Council resolution regarding a provincial panel’s recommendations on the future of Public Health Units and Local Health Integration Networks.

Text of his statement is as follows:


Thank you, Speaker.

The City of North Bay has taken a very definitive stand on the recommendations of this government’s expert panel on Public Health, especially as they relate to integration of Public Health Units and Local Health Integration Networks.

A recent resolution passed by City Council notes “there was a lack of consultation with Northern Ontario municipalities or consideration of the diverse needs of Northerners.”

It further notes “regionalization of public health units with centralized decision-making will have significant negative consequences for local public health and municipalities.”

As well, it points out the current cost-shared provincial-municipal funding formula of 75 to 25 per cent will not support the implementation of the proposed recommendations.”

 They’ve resolved “that North Bay City Council does not support the recommendations of the Expert Panel and is in agreement with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario urging the Minister of Health not to adopt them”

Speaker, health Units need to integrate more with health care agencies, no question, but this isn`t the route to take.

This is another example of this government not putting patients first, especially in Northern and rural Ontario. 

Thank you.


Video of Fedeli’s statement can be found online here:

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