Fedeli Addresses Broadband Access in the North

October 25, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK — Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli delivered a Members’ Statement in the Ontario Legislature today on a resolution from The Municipality of Callander regarding broadband connectivity in the North.

Text of his statement is as follows:


Thank you, Speaker, and good afternoon.

The problem of lack of access to broadband connectivity is a key concern in my riding of Nipissing and across Northern and rural Ontario.

The council in the Municipality of Callander is seeking provincial action on this important issue.

They note in a recent resolution which they sent to me that availability of broadband that is on par with larger urban areas in Canada is essential for Northern Ontario to achieve economic viability and social well-being.

They also note the cost of providing the required service is unaffordable without provincial and federal help.

Speaker, they’re requesting the provincial government work with the federal government and advocate for a target broadband service. They are asking for 50 megabytes per second downloaded and 10 megabytes per second uploaded for Northern Ontario consistent with CRTC recommendations.

Speaker, proper broadband access can be a great economic equalizer for Northern Ontario, and that’s why it’s in our party’s policy proposals being voted on in the near future. This needs to be a priority for the provincial government.

I thank you, Speaker.


Video of Fedeli introducing the bill can be found online here:


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