Fedeli Demands Financial Accountability Documents

October 23, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli challenged the Wynne government to produce accurate key financial reports and documents to the Legislature today.

Under the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act, the Finance Minister is not only required to produce the Fall Economic Update, but publish a Pre-Election Finance Report, to be reviewed by the Auditor General.

“The government must provide detailed accounts – the very numbers that the Financial Accountability Office says “would not be achieved.” The very numbers the Auditor General says we “cannot rely on,” said Fedeli.

“Will the government produce the Pre-Election Report, and will there be any numbers in it we can actually believe?”

The two reports aren’t the only documents the Members of Legislature are waiting for as the government has withheld thousands of e-mails from the Auditor General, and spent $500,000 on lawyers to review them, Fedeli noted.

“The Auditor General, and this Legislature, are entitled to those documents. Not some of them … ALL of them. Now,” said Fedeli, who also pointed out that media were told, in a response to Freedom of Information request, that NO documents on consultants exist.

Fedeli also noted two former government aides that said there were no documents are now in a courtroom on trial down the street from the Legislature.

 “Is that where this is heading too?”



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