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Northern MPPs invite MPP Rinaldi to Northern Ontario

September 26, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Official Opposition Leader Patrick Brown and fellow caucus members Vic Fedeli (Nipissing) and Ross Romano (Sault Ste. Marie) wrote to MPP Lou Rinaldi and invited him to visit beautiful, opportunity-filled Northern Ontario.

Rinaldi has been coming under fire at Queen’s Park after Northern Ontario was referred to as “No Man’s Land.” He has since refused to apologize.

“While I’m disappointed that MPP Rinaldi has neglected to apologize for his hurtful comments,…it’s time we turn this negative story into a positive,” wrote Brown in his letter to Premier Wynne and MPP Rinaldi. “That’s why…I’m taking this opportunity to personally invite MPP Rinaldi to come visit Northern Ontario and see everything it has to offer. I suspect that after witnessing Northern hospitality firsthand, your views on the region will change for the better.”

“The North, especially my riding of Nipissing, has so much to offer,” added Fedeli in a separate letter. “Nipissing truly has a limitless potential in many fields, from tourism to resource development and well beyond.”

“That’s why, on behalf of my constituents and with the permission of the Premier, I’m taking this opportunity to personally invite MPP Rinaldi to come visit Nipissing to paddle the Lavase River with me.”


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