Members’ Statement, Moose Tags

May 31, 2017

The following is a Members’ Statement delivered by Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli:

“We have a great lifestyle in Northern Ontario.

Patty and I enjoyed touring the riding this weekend, as we do every weekend when I get home.

At breakfast on Saturday, a group of concerned citizens met with us at Echoes restaurant in Powassan.

Elle served us a beautiful breakfast, but the talk was quite serious.

This group was upset that none of them got a moose tag this year.

In fact, in the zone they live in, the tag allotment has been drastically reduced.

It was 106 in 2013, 6 last year, and only 1 this year.

This is their heritage. And it’s being lost.

I promised these good people that I would delve into this.

And it didn’t take long to realize what the issue was.

On my drive to Trout Creek, I came across a dead moose on the side of the road.

I photographed it and put it up on Facebook, asking about other such instances.

Minutes later the stories and photos flooded in.

A few kilometres up the road from that first moose, was another one, hit by a friend in his week-old Jeep.

If this government cares about people’s safety, and cares about our Northern heritage, they should allow the proper number of moose tags to be issued.”


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