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Auditor General Catches Government Cooking Their Books…Again: Fedeli

May 29, 2017

Queen’s Park– Today, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli grilled the Premier on recent comments by the Auditor General regarding their hydro scheme.

The Auditor General expressed serious concerns with the government’s economically damaging hydro scheme to borrow billions and not declare any of it on their books. She revealed “For obvious reasons, this is not allowed under Canadian public-sector accounting standards.”

In Question Period, Fedeli asked the Premier, “Why does it always take the Auditor General, the Financial Accountability Officer, or the OPP for the people of Ontario to get to the truth?”

The government’s latest desperate attempt to sway voters has once again backfired. They’ve tried another sneaky tactic to hide a massive amount of government debt in the books of an arm’s-length organization, Ontario Power Generation.

Well, the government got caught, again.

This news coincides with the government’s ongoing trend of a lack of transparency, accountability, and ethics. The Wynne government continues to make decisions and deals with one thing in mind: re-election.

Fedeli went on to question the Premier, “Now that your scheme has been revealed, will you drop this charade with OPG and properly account for these billions on the province’s books?”

Video: Part 1- https://youtu.be/HHg0c62Rtis

Part 2- https://youtu.be/wOlG0L9L2nY

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