Budget Facts Opposite to Premier’s Statements

May 12, 2017

North Bay- Premier Wynne has once again proven she doesn’t know what is in her own budget, or is aware and choosing fiction over fact.

“I’m not sure what Budget the Premier read, but on page 241 of the Budget, it very clearly illustrates that last year MNDM’s budget was $837M and this year it is $767M. It doesn’t get more clear than that. It’s unfortunate that for the Premier, the facts simply don’t line up with what she is saying,” said Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli.

“The Premier’s statement was absolute nonsense,” said Fedeli. “How does that explain this year’s budget being even lower than the $804M the Ministry received in the 2014 budget three years ago? And now, after a $70M cut, she’s claiming there was a $30M increase!?”

“It’s truly concerning that this government continues to say one thing while the complete opposite is true. In the end, after all the waste, mismanagement, and scandal, this government will learn that facts still matter to the people of Ontario,” conclude Fedeli.

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