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MPP Fedeli in the Legislature- Budget Requests for Northern Ontario

April 24, 2017

Queen’s Park-

“My question is for the Finance Minister.

Last week I wrote to you specifically about Northern Ontario, with 4 budget recommendations.

End your hydro crisis, make cap-and-trade revenue neutral, save our rural schools, and take action on the growing debt.

Interest payments on that debt are crowding out the services people in Northern Ontario depend on.

You’ve cut staff at the hospitals in Atikokan, Espanola, Lake of the Woods, Temiskaming, the Sault, Thunder Bay, Timmins, and more.

The almost 400 frontline health care workers you’ve cut in North Bay, including 100 nurses, is having a severe impact on patient’s health care.

Will you commit to immediately paying down the province’s debt, lay out a long-term debt plan, and stop trying to balance your budget on the backs of patients in Northern hospitals?”




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