Wynne Government to Release Long Awaited Sunshine List

March 31, 2017

Queen’s Park- “Today, after waiting until the legal deadline, the Wynne government will finally release the Sunshine List,” stated MPP Fedeli

Unfortunately this year’s report, which lists all public employees that make over $100,000, will not include Hydro One employees. This comes in the wake of learning the CEO of Hydro One earned a total of $4.5 million, and in total, the top five executives at Hydro One made a staggering $11 million last year.

“In a time when people are struggling to keep the lights on, the Wynne government continues to hand out excessive salaries to their friends at Hydro One,” said Fedeli. “And now, due to regulations imposed by the Wynne government, we have no way of really telling how many people have joined the Millionaires Club at Hydro One,” Fedeli continued.

Despite repeated requested by the PC Party, Premier Wynne  has refused to put Hydro One executive salaries back onto the Sunshine List.

The release of the Sunshine List comes at a time when executive salaries are hitting astronomical new highs.


  • Total compensation for the top five executives at Hydro One for 2016:
    • Mayo Schmidt, President and CEO – $4,484,053
    • Michael Vels, CFO – $1,699,314
    • Gregory Kiraly, COO – $1,416,967
    • Ferio Pugliese, EVP, Customer Care and Corporate Affairs – $2,872,346
    • James Scarlett, EVP and Chief Legal Officer – $1,242,075
  • According to most recent figures, the CEO of BC Hydro earned $489,911, the CEO of SaskPower earned $434,189, Manitoba Hydro’s CEO made 494,909, and the CEO of Hydro-Québec is paid $480,000.

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