Opposition Calls on Premier to End Vanity Ads and Address Fentanyl Crisis

March 28, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, the Official Opposition called on the Wynne government to take immediate action on the fentanyl crisis in Ontario.

 In the Legislature, Leader Patrick Brown demanded the Premier put an end to her self-serving hydro ads and reallocate the money into ending the fentanyl crisis in Ontario.

“It is absolutely appalling to see the Wynne government spending money on vanity ads while the province is facing an opioid epidemic,” said MPP Vic Fedeli. “This government needs to stop playing politics with taxpayer’s money and needs to start addressing issues facing our communities,” Fedeli continued.

Last year, MPP Fedeli received Royal Assent with all-party support for his Patch 4 Patch Private Members’ Bill. The Act is based on the success of a North Bay-led collaboration that requires used fentanyl patches to be returned to pharmacies prior to the dispensing of new patches. This Patch 4 Patch policy is being implemented in Ontario communities, creating reductions in the deaths due to fentanyl abuse and misuse.

Patrick Brown: “The government has spent barely anything to warn Ontarians about the dangers of fentanyl. Why are these vanity ads, these partisan Liberal hydro ads, more important than letting the people of Ontario know about the dangers of the fentanyl crisis?”

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