2017 Federal Budget: Nothing for Ontario?

March 22, 2017

Queen’s Park – “The budget released earlier today by the Federal Liberals has left Ontario Finance Minister Sousa looking disappointed, defeated and deflated,” stated MPP Vic Fedeli.

There’s no new money for the province, and in fact, the Ontario Finance Minister often referred to then lackluster budget as “status quo”, and went on to described new programs as “the re-profiling of the same amount of money.”

Because there is no new money for the province, the Minister commented about his upcoming budget with “… we can proceed with the assumptions we made.”

In trying to portray an upbeat tone, Minister Sousa stated “they didn’t do anything to harm businesses.”

Fedeli was quick to add “that’s not quite a ringing endorsement of the budget.”

Once again the budget failed to include anything on the Ring of Fire, a project that has the potential to bring in over 120 billion to the province.



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