Wynne Government Ignores Input on Flawed Omnibus Legislation

December 6, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The Wynne government has ignored all input on its omnibus legislation, Bill 70, and has once again shown that it has no intention of listening to Ontario families and businesses, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli stated today.

Through Bill 70, the Wynne government is seeking to amend 27 different laws and create four new laws. Some of these changes include imposing a new 61.5 per cent sales tax on Ontario’s craft spirits distillers, increasing land transfer taxes, and making significant changes in the labour relations sector.

“The Fall Economic Statement revealed the government can’t balance its books and that life remains unaffordable under the Wynne government. None of the measures in Bill 70 address this,” said Fedeli.

“What’s worse, they have put forward flawed omnibus legislation and have used their majority government to silence opposition MPPs and impacted stakeholders by significantly limiting the time of debate.”

During committee, the Wynne government refused all Opposition amendments to remove over $100 million in new taxes being imposed on Ontario families and seniors.

“The Official Opposition does not support the economic policies of the Wynne government and will be voting against Bill 70,” Fedeli concluded.

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