Auditor General Highlights More Wynne Government Mismanagement

November 30, 2016


QUEEN’S PARK – Today’s Auditor General Report paints the picture of a tired and negligent government, incapable of successfully providing the most basic services that the people of Ontario expect from their government, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli stated today.

The Auditor’s latest report notes “excessive” wait times for hospital beds, shoddy highway paving by contractors, and unveils that the government’s own projection for its cap and trade program will see the majority of its cuts to greenhouse gas emissions come from outside Ontario, despite its $2 billion yearly price tag.

“Throughout the Auditor General’s report, examples of stunning incompetence from the Wynne government run rampant. $8 billion dollars later, the government still can’t tell Ontarians when they will have a functional e-health records system, or how much it will actually cost them,” said Fedeli.

“Chronic underfunding and four years of frozen hospital budgets has meant patients aren’t getting the care they need, and as a result patients are being forced to wait hours for emergency surgeries.”

“The Wynne government is raising taxes. They are cutting funding for frontline services – like health care. But the Auditor General confirmed that this year the government still managed to find $20 million dollars more for self-congratulatory advertisements.”

“For 13 years, this government’s stunning incompetence and waste has cost the people of Ontario. The impacts on everyday families and our province’s most vulnerable are becoming clearer and clearer, every single day. The Official Opposition looks forward to using today’s report to continue holding the government accountable,” Fedeli concluded.

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