Vehicle and Driver`s License Fees Skyrocketing Under Wynne Government: Fedeli

November 15, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The following is a statement from Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli regarding excessive vehicle and driver`s license fee increases in yesterday’s Fall Economic Statement:

“Yesterday’s Fall Economic Statement revealed the Wynne government is significantly hiking service fees and taxes to pay for its years of waste, mismanagement, and scandals. Vehicle and driver registration fees have increased by $503 million, in just four years. Over that same period, other fees and licences rose by $228 million.

“If you drive a car – you’ll pay more. If you heat your home with gas – you’ll pay more. If you camp, or hunt, or fish – you’ll pay more.

“In fact, the Financial Accountability Officer told us this government has hiked service fees on everything by nearly 40 per cent in just five years. We know ‘service fee’ is just another name for a ‘tax.’ Because of this government, families are already burdened with the soaring costs of living, including the highest electricity prices in North America.

“Yesterday’s news did absolutely nothing to address this half-a-billion-dollar driver’s fee hike. Rather than address their reckless mismanagement, it’s clear the Wynne government is attempting to balance its budget on the backs of Ontario families.

“The Wynne government must explain why it insists on making life more unaffordable for Ontario families.” 

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