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Hydro Bills Continue to Skyrocket in Ontario

October 31, 2016

SUDBURY – Regardless of the Wynne government’s band-aid solutions and talking points, hydro bills in Ontario are continuing to increase with no end in sight, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

Fedeli highlighted the impact rising hydro bills are having on Ontario families and businesses during a stop at Milman Industries in Sudbury.

“Milman Industries is a prime example of how the Wynne government’s failed energy policies are hurting Ontario businesses. Their recent hydro bill was nearly $42,000, yet only $1,200 was for actual electricity. The bulk was for the Global Adjustment fee, which is simply to pay for pricey energy contracts signed by this incompetent government,” said Fedeli.

“The whole system is out of control. It’s having a real impact on the productivity of our businesses and job growth. These additional fees and delivery charges will continue to increase and send hydro bills even higher. The situation is particularly bad here in the North,” added Fedeli.

Fedeli recently questioned Sudbury MPP and Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault on the the Financial Accountability Officer’s report which revealed that households in Northern Ontario paid over 45% more for electricity costs than households in Toronto, between 2012 and 2014.

“For five years, we have been saying the entire province is in the midst of a hydro crisis, but the Financial Accountability Officer’s report reveals the shocking negative impact the Wynne government’s energy policies are having on Northern Ontario,” said Fedeli.

“Unfortunately Minister Thibeault only seems interested in serving his political interests, not the interests of Ontario families and businesses.”

“I urge Premier Wynne and Minister Thibeault to set aside political spin and take meaningful action to address the hydro concerns of households and businesses, such as Milman Industries here in Sudbury. We will continue to draw attention to this ongoing crisis,” Fedeli concluded.


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