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Wynne Government Wastes $12 million of Hydro Program Funding On High-Priced Consultants

October 20, 2016


QUEEN’S PARK – The Wynne government wasted nearly $12 million on high-priced consultants instead of putting this money towards hydro rebates for low-income households, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

The Wynne government has been accused of badly mismanaging the Ontario Electricity Support Program after it was revealed by the Official Opposition that $11.7 million of the $11.9 million budget went to consultants, publications, media and advertising.

“The Ontario Energy Support Program was supposed to assist seniors, people on fixed incomes, and anyone struggling with rising hydro bills and facing shut-offs. Instead, the Energy Minister spent $9.3 million of the assistance money on consultants and another $2.4 million on self-promotional advertising,” said Fedeli.

Since this government first took office, average households in Ontario are paying $1,000 more a year on their annual hydro bills. It was recently confirmed that Ontario ratepayers now officially pay the highest residential electricity rates in North America.

“The government has repeatedly squandered opportunities to provide families and seniors with meaningful relief from skyrocketing hydro rates.”

“Now they’ve taken funds from a program to help low-income households deal with hydro rates to pay high-priced consultants and friends of the Wynne government. It’s truly shameful,” concluded Fedeli.


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