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Wynne Government Wastes $308 Million in OLG Modernization; Cuts $107 Million to Hospitals

October 5, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario taxpayers have been stuck with a hefty bill for yet another failed Wynne government initiative, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli stated today. 

“Through a Freedom of Information request, we learned yet another government initiative has ended in failure,” said Fedeli.

After more than two years, the government recently announced they were abandoning their plans to modernize the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). OLG’s Annual Report indicates the government spent $308 million towards modernization since 2012.

“The failed ORPP scheme cost Ontario taxpayers $70 million and delivered $0 in benefits. Now we have learned the Wynne government spent $308 million on another abandoned initiative. When we asked where the money was spent through a Freedom of Information request – the government said ‘access to the records is denied,’ ” Fedeli added.

“$308 million of taxpayer dollars spent with no paper trail and absolutely nothing to show for in return.”

Budget 2016 announced the government was cutting $107 million in revenue transfers from OLG to the province’s hospitals.

“To pay for their blunders, they are cutting frontline healthcare services that Ontario families and seniors rely on most. They are attempting to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable,” continued Fedeli.

“Another $308 million has been spent with zero accountability, and our hospitals pay for the Wynne government’s waste, mismanagement, and scandals.”

“Minister Sousa and the government must come clean and provide a detailed account of how this money was spent,” Fedeli concluded.


Video Link: https://youtu.be/aD1yuVVEVO4

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