September 14, 2016


QUEEN’S PARK – Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli expressed his appreciation for the 130 local Carousel and Mini-train volunteers in the Ontario Legislature this afternoon. Text of Fedeli’s statement is below:

Patty and I attended the annual Appreciation Day for the 130 Carousel and Mini-train volunteers. This is a letter that was read that night, which really encapsulates this unique attraction:

“I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful work you and your volunteers do! 

My family and I have spent the last six weeks in North Bay while I am working here temporarily as a pediatrician. Riding the train and carousels has certainly been a highlight of our time in North Bay!

We have been there at least once a week …and sometimes two or three times!

Our two year old son’s eyes light up when he sees the train coming and he delights in riding it. At home, he has been taking his used tickets around while wearing his “train conductor hat”.

He calls “All aboard!” and then lets his toys ride a railway of his own invention. He also loved riding the carousel – from picking out a horse, to the ride itself. 

Thank you for the delight you have brought our child!

We really appreciate the efforts of your volunteers to provide these experiences to young children (and their parents!).

You provide a wonderful service to your community.”

Video of Fedeli’s Statement can be found here:


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