Wynne Government Fails to Address Hydro Concerns

September 13, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The Wynne government has introduced a band-aid solution to hydro rates without disclosing how they intend to pay for it, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

“Yesterday, the government squandered an opportunity to provide families and seniors with meaningful relief from skyrocketing hydro rates. Instead they introduced a new billion dollar band-aid that does nothing to actually reduce hydro costs,” said Fedeli.

“But what they didn’t tell us, was how they intend to pay for it,” Fedeli added.

The Financial Accountability Officer and others have recently warned that the province’s net debt is set to rise by over $50 billion by 2020-21 to a record $350 billion. Ontario will also remain the largest sub-national borrower on the planet. However, the Throne Speech made no mention of the Wynne government’s plan to deal with Ontario’s fiscal crisis.

“Let’s face it; they’re borrowing another billion dollars to do this. And that’s money that has to be paid back – plus interest,” continued Fedeli.

“I ask the Premier, are you adding the costs for your political move to our tax bills or our hydro bills?” Fedeli concluded.



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