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Wynne Attempts to Rewrite History: Fedeli

August 12, 2016


NORTH BAY – The following is a statement from Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli regarding Premier Kathleen Wynne’s visit to Ontario Northland on Friday, August 12, 2016:

“Despite disingenuous efforts by Premier Kathleen Wynne to rewrite history, the fact remains – her government has repeatedly failed Northern Ontario.

While the Premier speaks of a commitment to the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, it was her government that actively sought to divest or liquidate it through a fire sale.            

I remind the Premier that she only retreated from the reckless divestment of ONTC when the Auditor General disclosed her government’s phony accounting – a plan the government claimed would save $265 million, which actually would cost taxpayers $820 million.

Premier Wynne’s attempts to rewrite history once again demonstrates that she is only interested in benefitting her interests and not the people of Northern Ontario.” 


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