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Ontario Electricity Prices Now Highest in North America

August 12, 2016

NORTH BAY – Ontario ratepayers now officially pay the highest residential electricity rates in North America, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

Until recently the only jurisdiction in North America with higher all-in residential electricity rates than Ontario was Hawaii. Hawaii did have the highest prices at 22.6 cents/kilowatt-hour, including distribution. New analysis indicates Ontario low density prices are now 25.9 cents/kwh and medium density customers pay 22.6 cents, but that is before HST.

“Along with being the largest sub-national borrower in the world, Ontario now has another dubious honour to add to its list,” said Fedeli. “For years we have said the province’s electricity rates were among the highest on the continent – now they are not just among the highest, they are the highest.”

Fedeli said high electricity prices are the top reason constituents contact his office.

“I’ve seen first-hand the impacts skyrocketing energy rates have had on the hardworking people of our community. Since this government first took office, average households in Ontario are paying $1,000 more a year on their annual hydro bills, meaning some families are being faced with the difficult choice of eating or heating their home,” Fedeli added.

Despite this, Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault has refused to acknowledge a ‘crisis’ within our energy sector, and the government has not put forward any initiatives to address the issue.

“It’s very clear, for Ontario ratepayers, life continues to get harder under the Wynne government,” concluded Fedeli.

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