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June 14, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – The Wynne Government is once again withholding key information about the long-term fiscal health of Ontario, Nipissing MPP and Finance Critic Vic Fedeli stated today.

The Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act requires the Minister of Finance to release a long-range assessment of Ontario’s fiscal environment within two years of each provincial election. This includes an analysis of key economic issues that are likely to affect the long-term sustainability of the economy and public sector.

In contravention of the Act, Minister Charles Sousa provided no explanation for missing the June 12, 2016 reporting deadline. The government has also failed to provide 3rd quarter fiscal updates since 2012, another requirement under the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act.

“The failure of the Wynne Government to release legally-mandated economic and fiscal data has become a highly troubling pattern,” said Fedeli. “As this government continues to rack up Ontario’s debt in excess of $300 billion, including nearly $1 billion in interest payments alone, it’s clear they have something to hide.” 

Recently, Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) also issued a stinging indictment of the government’s “broader pattern” of secrecy and refusal to provide information that was making it “difficult to assess the plausibility of the government’s financial projections and to evaluate risks that those projections would not be met.”

“The Wynne Government canceled the gas plant scandal hearings, removed Legislative Officer oversight over Hydro One, and regularly stonewall the FAO and Auditor General from receiving necessary information,” said Fedeli. “This latest failure to provide an important and legally-mandated fiscal update further confirms what we already know – this government is neither open nor transparent.”

“This subversion of public information must stop now.”


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