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May 31, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) issued a stinging indictment of the Wynne government’s “broader pattern” of secrecy and refusal to provide information that is “impeding the ability of MPPs to perform their constitutional duties,”  Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

“This morning, the Financial Accountability Officer confirmed what we already knew – this government is neither open nor transparent,” said Fedeli, who noted the government has repeatedly missed financial reporting requirements since 2012, canceled the gas plant scandal hearings, and removed Legislative Officer oversight over Hydro One.

“He said it is ‘highly disappointing’ that instead of looking to maximize information disclosure, the government restricts disclosure,” Fedeli said.

“I ask the Premier, are Cabinet leaks and criminal investigations the only way somebody can get the real facts?”

Fedeli also noted the FAO said the government’s stonewalling means he can’t trust their financial numbers, and when asked clearly stated “I believe this is political direction.”

“This is unbelievable!” said Fedeli.

“Will the Premier end this pattern of obstruction and give the FAO the necessary documents to do his job?”

VIDEO : https://youtu.be/pijO6UEL0Tg

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