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March 10, 2016

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Vic Fedeli was pleased to learn today that no wind or solar projects proposed for Nipissing were chosen by the Ontario government to be part of its latest Large Renewable Energy Procurement.

In total, 16 projects were selected province-wide to provide more than 450 new mega-watts of renewable power, almost all of that from wind and solar energy.

“So long as the government is handing out rich subsidies along with these contracts, the cost of energy in Ontario is only going to go higher,” said Fedeli.

“This will only make life more unaffordable, especially in the North, and Ontario will become even less competitive for jobs, investment and business,” he continued.

“Those residents and community leaders who have stood up and presented a united front against projects proposed in Nipissing have scored a victory today.”


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