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2016 Budget Must Include Credible Plan to Balance the Books

February 24, 2016

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli asked the Premier today if she would support his Opposition Day motion, which asks the government to include a credible plan to balance the budget, including immediate action to pay down the debt.

“The Fall Economic Statement confirmed the government is using money from the Hydro One sale to make the deficit appear smaller,” said Fedeli, who also noted the Financial Accountability Officer confirmed last fall that the government has a multi-billion dollar hole in its plan to balance the budget.

Until Ontario’s poor financial state is properly addressed, the government will continue to cut funding to doctors, close needed schools, and raise hydro rates to make up for their waste, mismanagement and scandal, Fedeli added.

Last week, the Official Opposition presented three recommendations they feel the people of Ontario deserve to see represented in tomorrow’s Budget – the need for a credible plan to make energy affordable, a plan to properly manage health care, and a credible plan to balance the budget.

“The Finance Minister called our budget asks a ‘Fiscal Fantasy World’. Asking for affordable hydro is a fantasy?  Adequate staffing in our hospitals is fantasy?  How arrogant.  How out of touch he is with families,” Fedeli said.

Fedeli insists the Official Opposition will not reject a budget before reading it first, and will support ideas that are in the best interest of Ontario regardless of where they come from.

“We just hope the concerns of the residents of Ontario are adequately addressed in the 2016 Budget.”

Video link: https://youtu.be/VX8MkkLW3xE

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