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October 7, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli urged the Wynne Liberal government to
take a stand for Northern Ontario and agree to pro-Northern amendments to Bill 52, the
government’s anti-SLAPP legislation in a Members’ Statement this afternoon delivered
in the Ontario Legislature.

The text of Fedeli’s Members’ Statement is as follows:

Thank you, Speaker. I ask the Members here — did you brush your teeth today? Did
you take any prescription pills? Are you wearing a rayon shirt or blouse? You may
ask what do these have in common, Speaker. I can tell you, all of those products
contain wood pulp.

Does your car have an air bag? If so, the detonator has wood fibre. Was there
shredded cheese on your lunch? If so, the cellulose gum that stops it from sticking
– well, that’s wood pulp. Are there paper clips in your desk? Wood fibre stops those
from rusting.

Did you get flowers in a cellophane wrap, or candy in the crinkly package? That’s
all wood pulp – cellulose from wood chips.

Speaker, tomorrow Members at the Justice Committee will be asked to stand up for
the forestry sector and for Northern Ontario. There are amendments to Bill 52 to
ensure the legislation isn’t manipulated to the detriment of the North. The bill is
meant to protect the voices of the people who are unable to protect themselves, not
the multi-million dollar anti-forestry special interest groups.

I urge the government to support the amendments and stand up for the people of
Northern Ontario.

Video of Fedeli’s statement can be found online here: https://youtu.be/arjA1JV94uI


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Executive Assistant
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