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March 4, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Tonight, Liberal MPPs voted against an Ontario PC Motion asking
legislators to recognize that standards of integrity and accountability required and expected of
the office of the Premier have been breached.

“It’s shameful that the Liberal government continues to protect Liberal fundraiser Gerry
Lougheed Jr. and the Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff Pat Sorbara in the face of serious
allegations that bribes were offered to convince someone not to run for office,” said Nipissing
MPP Vic Fedeli. “Despite precedents and expectations that these individuals be stripped of their
taxpayer-paid positions until the accusations are resolved, the Liberals continue to refuse to
take the honourable and right action.”

“Despite hollow promises of accountability and transparency, the Premier is putting the interests
of the Liberal Party ahead of doing what is right,” said Fedeli. “Tape recordings and the report of
the Chief Electoral Officer implicate both individuals, yet the Premier and Liberal Caucus
continue to stand behind them.”

“The honourable thing to do would be to recognize that the office of the Premier has been cast
into suspicion and at least remove these individuals from their public positions until the
investigations are resolved,” said Fedeli. “Their refusal to even acknowledge the dark cloud cast
on democracy begs the question of what they are trying to hide.”

Video of Fedeli’s remarks on the motion can be found online here:

For further information, contact Clint Thomas at (416) 325-3434 or clint.thomas@pc.ola.org

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